The first few months of being a new mom pretty much sucked for me, I felt gross, I had headaches, she cried, I cried, I yelled, I was so sad, heartbroken, tired. I wanted to enjoy this tiny human I had created but I was so exhausted I knew no other way than pure survival. She was so freaking cute how could I not be happy? Why was I not the ethereal goddess mother with flowers in my hair, and a smile on my face, a beaming blissful being that I always imagined I would be when I became a mother?


At 6 months old she was still waking 4-5x in the night, nursing constantly day and night, which I loved initially, but it was the only way I could get to her calm down. She'd wake around 5/5:30am she would get cranky during the day and napped for short periods of 20-30 minutes, and I felt hopeless. I watched the house crumbling around me, my face melting away as I looked in the mirror, I saw my light fading quickly.


Finally we broke, we couldn’t go on like this, we had to do something! We went on the search, reading books, blogs, asking friends and family, our pediatrician said "oh yeah babies don't sleep for a few years get used to it" ummmm thanks for your help??


We found several extremes, either nurse her to sleep in our bed all night long and never leave her side, or close the door and let her cry it out til morning. Neither of those were going to work for us. Finally we found the Sleep Sense Program, we followed each step, we created a routine, we were a team, and within a week she was already sleeping twice as long as she ever did. We continued and her sleep got longer, deeper, she was happier during the day, and I felt myself coming back to life.


Finally, I had the confidence to put my child down for bed, knowing she would have a long restful sleep with minimal protest. I wasn’t fighting her anymore, she and I, working together to discover what worked for her. I was able to actually spend time with my husband in the evening without stressing about how many hours of sleep I was losing if we wanted to watch a movie, I knew I’d get a long chunk of sleep before waking up to nurse her. I continued to nurse her once a night until she was 7 months old, and we continued our breastfeeding during the day between solids for several more months.


I knew if I experienced this, there must be other moms that felt the same. How did I not know more about my daughter’s sleep earlier? Why wasn’t that a topic I learned in my childbirth classes? I had to do something to help my fellow mothers. I knew what I had to do, and set my path to become a Sleep Sense Consultant before my second daughter was born. It lights me up seeing the difference I make in people's lives all over the world, and supporting parents teach their babies good sleep habits to last a lifetime, and ultimately restoring mothers to their best selves. 


Learn more about how I can help your child get the sleep they need and peace of mind you deserve. Explore packages and pricing here.


I'm Taryn, I am a Pediatric Sleep Coach. I live in San Diego, CA with my two daughters, and our porch cat Atticus. I've always wanted to be a mom. I admire mothers, for their strength, softness, patience, complexity, and the ability to grow, nourish, and raise tiny human beings. I'm an advocate for moms everywhere. I enjoy smothering my children with kisses as they annoyingly push my face away. On my time off, I enjoy spending quality time with friends, being barefoot outdoors, live music, matcha, dark humor, and tacos. I burn anything I put in the oven, and I shove clean when company comes over. This is my crazy and imperfect-perfect life. When I help families get better sleep, I love that I'm really supporting them in living their crazy imperfect-perfect life, and it's a lot more fun when you've had a great night's sleep!


I've learned that I'm a much happier and more patient mama when I take time for myself. It took a few exhausted meltdowns for me to realize this. It takes practice balancing motherhood, finding childcare for the girls, to get away for a Happy Hour with friends, a Target run by myself, or even *gasp* a weekend trip away. But it helps recharge and rejuvenate my soul, so I can come home to my littles with a renewed sense of self and be the best mom I know how to be.


Trust your intuition. There are a lot of crazy days with a new baby. Even on the worst of them, remember your baby chose you to be their mother for a reason. Trust your baby! Kids are more capable than we give them credit for. Don't sweat the small stuff, everyone says it goes by so quickly and it does. As soon as you get used to your baby being a certain way... they change! I find this to be true for both the easy and the more challenging phases. 


I'm the big sister, and the inspiration for Dream Life Mama. I was not a good sleeper when I was a baby and thank goodness because now mommy has a whole new job helping moms all over the world teach their baby to sleep. You're welcome Mama! I enjoy helping my mom re-organize the tupperware cabinet when she's not looking, hugging and kissing my baby sister, making new friends and singing songs I make up.


I'm the baby sister, and I'm a free spirit. I love laughing joking with my mom, sister, family, and just about anyone who pays attention to me. I love copying my big sister, I'm her biggest fan. My favorite activity is when we re-organize the tupperware together.

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